Stefania Patanè Group - Even Not 4


Released by Wide Sound Label
Year 2013
01. I'm Old Fashioned
02. Palhaços
03. On Green Dolphin Street
04. Eu Sei Quem e'
05. When We Dance
06. Lazy Afternoon
07. L'astronauta
08. Invisibile
09. Infant Eyes
10. I Should Care
11. In This World


Stefania Patanè vocals

Luca Mannutza piano

Daniele Sorrentino double bass

Nicola Angelucci drums

Paolo Recchia alto sax, soprano sax

Special guest: Bob Stoloff vocals


EVEN NOT 4, released by the Italian Wide Sound label, is Stefania Patanè’s first album where she performs the role of a leader; she signs most of the arrangements in the album in cooperation with Luca Mannutza, as well as some new original compositions. The work has a contemporary and Afro-American orientation, with shades of bossa nova at times; the strength of melody keeps the priority and is remarkable throughout the album.

The overall impression the work gives off is that of a cohesive and solid band; far from the idea of the trio or quartet supporting the vocalist, for the voice, used as an instrument, is an integral part of the band: the primary goal is to serve music, by working out an own personal and original message.

A very special guest in Even Not 4 is Bob Stoloff, the American teacher famous all over the world for the release of many scat singing methods; he has also been a member of the Bobby McFerrin's Vocal Summit for many years; he sings with Stefania in Even Not 4 an a cappella version of "On green dolphin street".