"...The fluent vocal texture of Stefania Patanè, who demonstrates not only technical prowess but also stylistic interpretation that is seasoned, well-crafted and compelling." (Bob Stoloff)

"I first heard Stefania Patanè about one year ago at the Vittoria Jazz Festival, and I immediately realized that I was in front of an extraordinary artistic talent: 'a singer who really knows how to use her voice as an instrument at last!!', I said right away..." (Max Ionata)

Singer, composer, arranger.
 Voice teacher, skilled in vocal techniques, specialized in jazz, vocal improvisation and choir practice. Estill Voice Training CMT (Certified Master Teacher).

Born in Catania. Her work mostly took shape through the study of jazz and bossa nova, which developed over the years into the creation of her own personal style; a style which aims to combine the roots of the jazz tradition with contemporary forms of vocal phrasing and expressions. Although she hails from a family of classical musicians of world renown (the orchestra conductors Francesco and Giuseppe Patanè), her initial approach to music was absolutely instinctive, starting with a guitar self-study, at the age of 12. Later, after taking guitar lessons for two years, she decided to direct her musical studies to the voice, taking up jazz singing. While carrying on her musical studies, she graduated in Medicine and Surgery with first-class honors in 1998. After a couple of years form the degree, she decided to dedicate herself entirely to the musical career, both as performer and as educator.

From 1999 to 2008 she took part in the leadership of some musical projects where jazz, bossa nova and different forms of ethno music blended together. Mainly: the duo with the guitarist Sandro Maccarrone (Musaika); the Taranta quartet, in cooperation with the pianist Giuseppe Finocchiaro; Ninkantu, by Sandro Maccarrone. She performed in many jazz festivals and clubs. At the same time, she got into the study of percussions, pandeiro most of all. She was selected to take part in two consecutive editions of the "Biennial of the Young Artists from Europe and the Mediterranean Sea" (Rome, Italy 1999; Genova, Italy and Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina 2001). In 2002 she performed at the "Comemoraçao Italo-Moçambicana pelo 10° Aniversario do Acordo Geral da Paz", for the Italian Embassy (Maputo, Mozambique). In the meantime she carried on her jazz studies and also took part in several workshops with Norma Winstone, Maria Pia De Vito, Ralph Towner, Bob Stoloff. In 2000 she was elected as "the best vocal class student" by the famous jazz singer Norma Winstone, at the Marsala Doc Jazz Festival Workshops 2000 (Marsala, Italy); as a consequence she was nominated for the renowned Siena Jazz scholarship.

Since 2005 she's been giving rise to some jazz bands (trios and quartets) as a leader. In 2010 she graduated and specialized in Jazz Music with first-class honors at the Arcangelo Corelli Conservatory, Messina. Getting more and more into jazz, both as a singer and as a composer, she has realized several jazz projects, for which she occasionally collaborated with many Sicilian jazz musicians who are well-known all over Italy: Andrea Beneventano, Anita Vitale, Paolo Sorge, Seby Burgio, Alberto Fidone, Claudio Cusmano, Peppe Tringali, Angelo Cultreri and many others.
In the Spring 2012, she recorded i Rome her first jazz album, "Even Not 4", as a performer, composer and arranger. The session was made with a group of high-level Italian jazz musicians: Luca Mannutza (also in the role of co-arranger), Paolo Recchia, Daniele Sorrentino, Nicola Angelucci and the great scat and voice teacher Bob Stoloff (as a special guest). The recording session was followed by a short tour where she performed in a duo with the pianist Luca Mannutza, as a preview of the album, which will be released on march 2013 by the Wide Sound label.
Since she moved in Rome, in the Fall 2012, she collaborated with some of the more renowned and interesting jazz italian musicians. Mainly: Flavio Boltro, Andrea Pozza, Roberto Tarenzi, Francesco Puglisi, Daniele Mencarelli, Andrea Rea, Enrico Bracco, Alessandro Marzi, Stefano Nunzi, Daniele Cordisco, Vittorio Silvestri, Andrea Nunzi, Gianluca Esposito, Ettore Carucci, Mauro Grossi, Massimo Manzi and many others. In 2014 she collaborated with the american pianist John Colianni (Lionel Hampton Orchestra member, Mel Torme sideman). She started many new projects, as: "Stefania Patanè New 4et", "Patanè & Mencarelli Duo", "Deep In South", "I Remember you", "Restart 4et", "Invisible trio", "Alma 4et". Most of them are still current. Since 2013, she is the singer of iMusic Big Band, who was founded by alto sax player Angelo Schiavi.
She has performed in many jazz festivals (Italy, France, Israel).
In 2014 Stefania achieved the "Top 2" (2nd classified) in the Vocal Category of the "Made in New York Jazz Competition".
She's been working as a voice teacher since 2000, expert in jazz singing and vocal techniques, as she acquired an outstanding amount of inter-disciplinary proficiencies concerning the artistic voice studies. She went in for joining the acquired artistic and scientific knowledge together, through the study of the "Estill Voice Training" (EVT: a scientific method of voice training set up by the American singer and researcher Jo Estill), that she carried out under the guidance of the Estill Certified Course Instructor (CCI) Elisa Turlà, until she earned the Estill Master Teacher Certification (CMT) in 2005. Over the following years, she's been working as Elisa Turlà's assistant within the Estill Voicecraft courses, and she's also been engaged in spreading the Estill model across Sicily. In 2010 she organized in Catania the first convention entitled "The Artistic Phoniatrics and the Estill Voicecraft", featuring Elisa Turà and the renowned speech pathologist Dr. Franco Fussi.
She is currently the Voice Department Director of iMusic School Rome, where she works as vocal instructor, clinician and musical events promoter. She also collaborates or have collaborated with many others music academies, as CESM (Catania), Palermo Jazz (Palermo), Artidee (Rome), Centro della voce (Naples) and many others. From 2009 to 2013 she was jazz vocal teacher at the Francesco Cilea Conservatory (Reggio Calabria). Furthermore, she's been teaching in several jazz and voice techniques workshops, as: Gessopalena Jazz, Jazz D'Amare, Summer Jazz, Piazza Jazz, Estill Training Courses. Since 2011, she's been Bob Stoloff's assistant and interpreter at many workshops held in Italy. She has also worked as an assistant/interpreter for Norma Winstone, Kurt Elling, Michele Hendricks, Joey Blake, Rhiannon and Roger Treece. She took part as a speaker in the Fifth Estill World Voice Symposium in 2011 (Rome), where she presented her research about Mediterranean Voices.
In 2014, with Angelo Schiavi and Clotilde Motolese, she was part of the iMusic Team that started with professor Bob Stoloff and his management, the first "Bob Stoloff Vocal Jazz Academy" (BSVJA). The BSVJA is a yearly unique program that aims jazz vocalists training and improvement. The academic team is composed by the main teacher Bob Stoloff, Stefania Patanè and Angelo Schiavi. Inside the BSVJA and also in her Master Classes, Stefania teaches her own model called "Vocal Jazz Training", that consists of original excercises where Vocal Technique is applied to Scat and Vocal Improvisation.

Stefania has also started the "Vocal Creation Zone" (V.C.Z.), a path of workshops for practice Free Vocal Improvisation and Circle Singing. She has studied and worked with some of the most world renowned Circle Singing Conductors, as Bob Stoloff, Rhiannon, Roger Treece and Joey Blake. Stefania was initially inspired by their work and laso enriched by the collaboration with the Vocal Improviser Kees Kool. Then, stimulated by her strong creativity, she started the "Vocal Creation Zone" excercises, where she gently drives singers and instrumentalists into the deep spiritual nature that pulses in the art of music. V.C.Z. conception is supported by Stefania's interest in the strong relation between emotions, spirituality, body movements and music that lives in the human beings. All of the intuitions that flow in her vocal ensemble conducting also come from her personal growth: she practice Trascendental Meditation since 2014.